Monday 17 October 2016


We haven't put Erin Mae to bed for the winter – in fact she hasn't even had a proper bath. But we needed to leave her for the moment for one or two things back home, and found that our trip south coincided with Nº 3 son, wife and babe stopping off in our house on their way to Cornwall for a week.

He's just over two months old, so we're all in new baby mode.

He enjoyed singing with his Gran. And, boy, did he enjoy his bath!

I'd never seen a baby bath like this one before, but he loves it. Even coped with his Grandfather taking over for a moment.

All good things come to an end, and sleep follows at regular intervals.

Not necessarily, however, during the night. To give him a feeling for proper patterns, his Gran had been busy with the crochet hook. One for the push chair…


and one for the carry cot.

To pre-empt two questions: No, it's not a 3D blanket – that's just the pattern. And no, that's not a grease stain from Erin Mae's engine hole – it's just a shadow from the way the blanket was lying by the window.

So Bram has to get used to the patterns of life, especially the ones that involve sleeping at night. And Erin Mae will have to get used to not necessarily being the centre of attention all the time.


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