Sunday 23 October 2016


It being the sabbath day, we took a break from tachometers and went for a walk this afternoon in the New Forest. As we were getting ready to leave, this chirpy chappy turned up in our back garden.

The book says that green woodpeckers commonly feed on the ground, and this one was going to it with a will – digging right down to about the death of its beak to extract some juicy morsel. Once (s)he'd left, so did we, to Linford Bottom, one of the places we used to take the boys when they were young. Not much sun by the time we got there, so the autumn colours were not at their best. But the animal beauties were out and about.

The horses and ponies in the New Forest are mostly shades of brown – I wouldn't know the correct terms. This one stood out with her beautiful dappled grey colouring.

This pony was more typical, but seemed proud to display the contrast with the general tone of her coat of the white socks and the lighter mane and tail.

It's been a very enjoyable autumn day.


  1. Just a guess, but I seem to recall the term "chestnut" applied to horses. I picked up a beautifully fat sweet chestnut today.

    1. Yup, I think you may be right. We collect chestnuts (conkers) because rumour has it they keep the spiders at bay! But I saw a programme a couple of days ago about the leaf miner moth that is now damaging the trees.