Friday 7 October 2016

Signs of the season

Yesterday we were colder. I was still in shorts but had my body-warmer on. The sun shone (mostly), but was devoid of much warmth. We decided that the moment had finally come to head for home. The timing had nothing to do, of course, with the fact that, about a mile ahead, were a set of 12 locks we would just have to come back down again should we decide to proceed for a few more days.

Today the wind was less chill, but the clouds were out in force, and there was some drizzle in the air. The guy who did a pump-out for us at Heritage Narrowboats said he'd just packed his shorts away for the winter. As we came back down the Macclesfield we decided to call on BCF members Roy and Audrey, who live by the canal. When we'd come up, their boat Rosie was out, but today it was moored up outside the house, so we thought we might pay a visit.

There are plenty of welcoming indications on the outside, and the sign over the top is wonderful!

Unfortunately they weren't at home – perhaps they were out re-stocking after being away on a cruise. So we made our own warming cuppa and continued. There's a garden just along from their house with lots of Autumn blooms.

I wanted to hop off to take the photo, and the boater from this boat came and offered to take a line – getting into the side is a serious bit of work along most of the Macc.

He had his fire going and it was only mid- to late-afternoon. But the days have been getting chilly and our own fire has been very welcome. The Met Office forecast for the next few days doesn't show any rain, but it shows precious little sun – mostly cloud with occasional glimpses of Sol. I fancy I won't be in shorts for much longer.


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