Tuesday 4 October 2016


One man didn't go to Mow (Cop) today, after all. As I brought in the smokeless cobs for the fire yesterday afternoon, I realised we'd pretty well run out – just one more day's worth. I rang a couple of local coal & diesel boats, and they were coming along some time around the end of the week, but I judged we'd be frozen in place by then. There was nothing for it but to turn around and go back a mile and a half to the Heritage Narrowboats marina. Two bags of Taybrite later we turned again and came back up rather less distance to the oddly named Rowndes NÂș2 Bridge (Bridge 86).

There are a few permanent moorings one side of the bridge,

and a 48 hour mooring on the other, where we tied Erin Mae.

It's a great spot, one we'd noted in passing yesterday, and we're glad to have the opportunity of this view through the side-hatch.

As it has turned out, retracing our steps to pick up the fuel will benefit us tomorrow, when we do intend to climb the hill, as we're much nearer to the start of the path. This afternoon we went for a stroll to find it – over the bridge, up a path to Station Road, back towards the hamlet around Bridge 85. There we spoke with Bob, working in his garden.

He pointed out the path we should take tomorrow, and assured us he'd had his 4 year old grandson up there a week or two ago (though he confessed that said grandchild had vowed he was never going up that way again!).

Tomorrow looks as though it's going to be nice and sunny, so we shall use the 48 hour allowance, stay in place and finally visit this landmark that has been with us for nearly a week.


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