Saturday 8 October 2016


We moored up here once before and it's not a bad spot.

It's still on the Macclesfield canal, just short of the aqueduct where it passes over the Trent and Mersey. A few yards later it swings round to the left, runs parallel with the T&M for a couple of hundred yards, and then does a final left hand bend to join it at Hardings Wood junction – the T&M having been brought up to the same level by the last couple of locks.

At the aqueduct there's a long flight of steps which we walked down today, to take our rubbish to CRT's Red Bull services. After a visit to Tesco we came back up by a slightly different route, which entailed using the footbridge in the picture. It also meant I had to drag our shopping trolley up a series of bumpy slopes, which may just have been better than lifting it bodily up 20 feet of steps.

Mobile broadband reception here is fine, as it was down in the valley below last weekend. Down there, however, there was no TV reception whatsoever, and we were hoping for something better today (England are playing!). Last night I found I could get BBC and some other stations, but no ITV at all. So today, having examined the trees through which the signal would have to pass, I pulled Erin Mae down to the next set of mooring rings. It was only 6 or 7 yards, but what a result! The ITV signal is coming in, apparently good and strong. Let's hope the same can be said for the England football team in a few minutes' time!


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