Monday 26 July 2021


Coming south from Congerstone, we came past a field with some donkeys, though there weren't quite as many as when we were going north. Not sure whether or not it is a donkey sanctuary.

It was a suitable metaphor for the way I'd got grounded five minutes earlier. We had passed a sign for a farm shop "just a minute away", so I was trying to get into the side to stop. Unfortunately the canal is so shallow here that you certainly grind to halt, but not at all in the position you want to be. I managed to get off the front, but no amount of pulling on the bow or centre lines had any effect. I tried to pole the front off, without success. In the end I took the pole to the stern, and managed to push it into slightly deeper water, where I could reverse out. Carefully, because we were in danger of hitting the shallows on the other side of the canal.

It was 10 minutes of unwanted activity, and we never even made it to the farm shop. Donkey indeed! 


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