Friday 30 July 2021

Rain, repairs and roses

The Met Office website promised some serious rain for today. We have some time in hand, so considered staying put on our Atherstone mooring. However, by noon it looked as though the threat might have been overstated, so we took off down the remaining 6 locks of the Atherstone flight.

There were engineers mending something on the top gate of the first lock. They didn't seem to be at all worried by boats coming through as they worked.

A little lower down the flight, my best beloved spotted this wild rose in splendid bloom.

The rain returned. By the bottom of the flight we were pretty wet. By the time we'd filled up the water tank at a convenient service point we were soaked. By the time we passed Bridge 49 we were saturated, so we pulled in where canal-side trees promised some shelter from the wind.

We even have signal for accessing the outside world. But we're glad to be inside.


  1. Have you been though Napton yet. We tend to go dog walking along the canal there and often wonder if we would see you some time.

  2. Hi, thanks for getting in touch. It was in our plans for this summer to come through Napton and on to the South Oxford Canal. Whether it will still happen, who knows? But if you see us, give us a wave!

    1. Realised i didn't put my name.... Mark Gibson :)

    2. Ah – we wondered! Great to hear from you, Mark. Give our love to Cheryl and the kids – the kingfisher still has a nice spot in our lounge at home!