Thursday 15 July 2021

Streethay Wharf

A new owner bought Streethay Wharf not so long ago, but it still retains the feel of a traditional boatyard.

(Photo courtesy of the internet and A.Non)

After a sandwich on the move, we called in as planned to follow up on conversations about sorting out the water ingress that had caused the chimney of Erin Mae's solid fuel fire to corrode. Today's chat was really helpful, though the time frame for fixing everything is still longer than we would have liked, and it looks as though we shall cruise the Ashby Canal before any heating issues are resolved. If the weather stays like it is, that will not be a problem!

We also discussed yesterday's overheating engine. Nigel thought it was probably a slightly sticky thermostat taking a while to wake up after 20 months inactivity. Monitor it (he said), and it will probably sort itself out. We shall see. At least there is no shortage of hot water for showers at the end of s sticky day!


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