Friday 16 July 2021


In Fazeley, on the outskirts of Tamworth, live David and Mary, longstanding stalwarts of the Boaters' Christian Fellowship. Their boat, Kew, is old, long and traditional, and like nothing else we've ever come across.

Fazeley was our target for today. We tied up opposite David and Mary's house, and found that John and Jane, also BCF members, were moored just below Kew. So we popped across and had a very merry cuppa with them all in David and Mary's garden.

We had some other little successes today. We survived the heat, and managed to process a load of washing. We were able to purchase a cylinder of gas in Fazeley Mill Marina – apparently one side-effect of the pandemic had been a national shortage of standard 13 Kg containers. And the engine's overheating was held within reasonable limits. All in all, a good day.


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