Thursday 29 July 2021

Farewell to the Ashby

There are some canals we have quite cheerfully visited on more than one occasion. The Shroppie (Shropshire Union) is a case in point, along with its side-arms to Middlewich and Llangollen. We have always relished timing a visit to Audlem for the weekend, so we can join in with the folk session at the Shroppie Fly. But while it's been good to cruise the Ashby, I don't think we'll be in a hurry to go back. No locks, and not a massive amount of interest along the way. The site of the Battle of Bosworth ("a horse – my kingdom for a horse") was just a bit too far to walk, and the food at the one pub we patronised was about OK, but not really worth the price ticket. Anyway, we finally reached the end of our return journey this morning.

We'd rung Streethay Wharf before setting out, as we needed to know whether they could fit in a radiator system check. So at Marston Junction through the bridge we turned right to re--trace our steps up the Coventry Canal. Four days or so to cover what would take you half an hour or less in the car. But having the radiators working properly will mean we can be more flexible with the timing of the repair to the solid fuel burner's chimney.


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