Wednesday 28 July 2021

Pumping it out

Last night we had an early bird meal (2 for £9) at the Brewer's Fayre restaurant opposite where we were moored. It was good value and we didn't mind having to get in before 6 p.m. The building is rather fancy, with a high, sloping vault over tables that look onto the canal. From where I was sitting I could see, just down the wharf a little, another sloping construction that, from behind, looked as though it might be a huge solar panel or a placard of some sort.

It turned out to be the roof of the pump-out station! Since we knew the tank was nearly full, we pulled across in the morning and availed ourselves of the facilities. Then it was dodge-a-shower time as we headed back towards the start of this cul-de-sac canal.

Finding a good-enough mooring, we had lunch in the sun, then under a few drops of rain, then in the sun again. I thought it was worth while trying to get the next coat of primer on the front locker. Half-way through the clouds started playing silly games again, so I had to improvise.

That's me, painting under the tarpaulin, photo courtesy of my best beloved. When we bought our solar panel, some years ago, I had discovered the value to the intrepid boater of car-roof magnets. You may be able to spot two of them, holding down the two ends of the tarpaulin, while I work underneath. Now that's something you can't do on a Sea Otter!


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