Friday 10 April 2015


For a while my best beloved has had some funny bumps on a finger that have been a particular source of concern while working locks.

Although most of the time they didn't hurt, they felt as though they were vulnerable to knocks. The surgeon diagnosed the one on top as a fluid-filled cyst, which could be treated, and the one on the side as an arthritic joint about which not a lot could be done. Yesterday we went to get them processed at Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

Once she began to work on them, the one on top turned out to be rather more solid than liquid, so needed a different sort of procedure, but it also proved possible to do something with the other. It all took rather longer than anticipated.

No more locks for a few weeks! But today we were able to come up to Erin Mae for the weekend, in order to be at the BCF Spring conference at Fazeley tomorrow.


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