Thursday 9 April 2015

Charge controller

As promised, the solar panel charge controller arrived today, along with a 30 Amp fuse/circuit breaker and some cable cut to size and with some lugs attached.

Also included, though not in the photo, was several metres of 6mm cable to connect the solar panel to the charge controller. Those nice people at Bimble Solar had attached the necessary MC4 connectors. Still to come is the meter which is the sensible interface to use for setting up and monitoring the controller.

I'd decided on the new 30 Amp Tracer BN series controller as having the right performance/price combination, though it's a bit annoying to have to pay extra for the means to configure it. It will fit in a cupboard next to the Stirling alternator/battery gizmo, with the cables running to the gizmo's output lugs, from which heavy cables run to the battery bank.

So now we just need to order the solar panel itself. We've delayed on that until we can ensure we are on Erin Mae when it's delivered, in a couple of weeks.


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