Sunday, 12 April 2015

Solar schemes

Being at the BCF spring conference in Fazeley yesterday gave me the opportunity of inspecting Halfie's solar installation on NB Jubilee at first hand, and comparing it with what I'm intending for Erin Mae. Thanks to Halfie and Jan for a nice cuppa before we all went out for a curry in the evening. They also introduced me to Peter, who lives on a boat whose electrics are entirely powered by solar energy. I have no such pretensions! It was also interesting to see that Halfie had wired his new batteries in the way devised by smileypete from Canal World Discussion Forums and recommended by Gibbo on the Smartgauge website.

It was nice to check how all our own solar gear is going to fit. Although I haven't yet got the screws to secure the hardware, it looks as though it will go in a treat. The magnets seem to give just the right amount of grip on the roof for when we finally get the solar panel delivered. I also found that two 6mm solar cables will fit very neatly side by side in the rebates of the T&G ceiling as they run from a mushroom vent back to the cupboard where the controller will be. I should be able to make a nice job of covering them with a strip of wood. Pictures when I've done it!

So that's all coming together. Our main concern with Erin Mae is to see that the wood surround of one of the bedroom windows is showing definite signs of a leaky frame. We got a window leak repaired very successfully at Mercia Marina two years ago, and may think in terms of going over there again for this one. The windows are definitely one of Erin Mae's weak spots. For me, they include the worry of thinking about the painting that has to ensue.

Sunny days instead of the constant drizzle are currently very desirable.


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