Monday 20 April 2015


Another sunny day took us over to Poole Quay to see a sailing vessel of a different sort.

Kaskelot (which means "sperm whale") was built in the late 1940s as a cargo ship for north Scandinavian waters. But without the masts – they're a much later addition, when she was bought in order to be converted and given a "traditional" rig. I think it was the wooden hull that attracted the new owners.

She served as a sail training ship for a number of years, and featured in films such as Treasure Island. In 2013 she had a major re-structuring, and now seems to earn her keep as a bit of a show-piece. The cordage (several kilometres of it) is pretty impressive, but I'm glad Erin Mae doesn't have this amount of rope to think about.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Poole boating fraternity got on with fraternising.

On the side of the jetty just behind where this boat was heading was a sign I only noticed later once the pictures were in my computer.

Now that's enough to make a narrowboater feel at home!


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