Friday 24 April 2015


We bit the bullet today and joined River and Canal Rescue – the AA of the waterways. It's basically breakdown provision, but includes replacement cover for certain parts. However, that only kicks in after you've been a member for a month, so we wanted to get on their books, just in case.

Meanwhile the last piece of the solar jigsaw (except for the panel itself) arrived in the post – the MT50 meter for the Tracer charge controller. Its delay meant we've stayed a few more days at home, but that at least gave extra time for getting the ranch cleaned up before travelling up to Erin Mae, to my best beloved's delight. She'd been prevented from doing some of the tasks she's best at by the large bandage on her finger, but the stitches came out on Wednesday and she's been exploring what she's able to do.

So we're planning on making the journey tomorrow, and are again facing the task of packing the car – this time trying to make space for the gas barbecue. The back of the car is looking very full!


  1. Perhaps you need a Volvo 240 estate!

    1. In the end I got everything into the Focus Estate. And it gives me 50 mpg on these runs!