Monday 24 June 2013

Much ado about quite a lot

First it was Mark, from Wilson's, ringing to say he was on his way to do the pattern for the pram cover. Weren't expecting him until tomorrow, when the wind will have dropped further, but it's a good location for doing the business – on the Avon opposite the RSC Theatre.

It was intriguing to see what patterning meant, as he secured the struts with cord in the positions they will have once they're supporting fabric. He then cut and taped sheets of thin material over the frame, to  measure and mark all the relevant points. Then he left us with the frame on Erin Mae, in the position it will have when the whole hood is sitting forward, clear of the cruiser stern space. We now have to devise a method for ensuring that the hatch and the frame stay clear of each other in action, to avoid scratches and damage.

Next Curtis arrived from Evesham marina. I'd finally decided enough was enough with our batteries. As far as I know, they were 6½ years old, so they'd done far longer than most. But the time had come, so on Friday I negotiated with Steve at the marina for Curtis to fit a new set, since he was coming up to Stratford today anyway for work on another boat. Here they are, clean and healthy (like us!).

This afternoon we came up into Bancroft basin again, so that's the end of our river cruising for the time being. Tomorrow we intend to visit the MAD museum, and then it will be time to bid Stratford farewell. It's been an enjoyable few days, but we're getting itchy feet…


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