Thursday 27 June 2013


The bridges on this part of the Stratford canal continue to be a challenge because of their width, especially when you have to do a sharp turn to get into them. I've learned to take them very slowly – they're more of a threat to Erin Mae's sides than the locks.

The locks themselves typically have barrel-roofed cottages, given creative names such as "Lock Cottage".

They were generally very nicely kept. Clearly the owner of this one had a thing about being treated as a curiosity, and had glazed his window with mirror glass so you couldn't see in!

Above Bucket Lock we crossed Yarningdale Aqueduct, which must surely be the shortest on the system.

Tonight we've tied up at Lowsonford, opposite the Fleur de Lys pub, which apparently dates as such from the 15th century. They have a reputation for pies of various sorts, though these are no longer cooked on the premises. The sign says "Home of the Pies"!

Tonight the onset of the rain and the lack of an internet signal means the combination of comforting food and free WiFi feels very attractive. Steak & kidney, venison, matador (!), …  Hm.


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