Wednesday 12 June 2013


Tewkesbury – more Tudor, but much more interesting (to me) than Worcester. Some of the back alleys are reminiscent of the closes of Edinburgh's Old Town, but without the slope.

The Abbey doesn't seem to dominate, but sits in the background,

until you get near it.

Then, from whatever angle, it's impressive.

And so up the Avon, on another very grey day.

The river meandered its way around Bredon hill, which was with us all the time.

We seemed to be going much slower than on the Severn, even at the up-stream speed limit of 4 mph. Eventually we passed Bredon itself, with the church always just out of visual. My Uncle Bill painted this church for fund-raising Christmas cards and calendars. Very good water-colour artist, was my Uncle Bill!

The locks up the Avon have their own idiosyncrasies. Like most river locks, I suppose, they have associated weirs which you'd better stay away from.

They feel very big…

and Nafford lock has a swing bridge right across the middle.

We came in without seeing the notice. You certainly wouldn't want to raise the level before getting the bridge out of the way. Actually it was a lot easier than the gates themselves. All in all, these locks are a serious business.

Moorings on the river are few and far between, and we'd wondered whether we'd find Comberton Quay full up. We needn't have worried. If there were only some sun this evening, I can't think of a more delightful spot to rest up.


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