Tuesday 18 June 2013

The significance of small things

It's a bracket. And here's another.

Last summer we thought about getting a "pram cover" for Erin Mae's cruiser stern. Most boaters who have them swear by them – especially those with a semi-trad stern. Extra room, especially when it's wet. Somewhere to take off wet clothes when you've been out – to dry the washing – to use the phone on a cold evening when there's no reception indoors.

The trouble with a cruiser stern is that pram covers tend to look great when they're up, and awful when they're down. On a semi-trad, everything folds forward, but on a cruiser stern most of it usually folds back, sitting on the stern rail, taking up space, making a nuisance of itself. One company we spoke to seemed too anxious just to come and do the job without much discussion, while another (in effect) said that's how it is and nothing to be done about it. So we left it, and the visit of Elissa and Sam went off fine without one.

This year, coming through Kinver, we found ourselves outside Wilson's office and workshop – I'd forgotten they were there. So we went in and talked with them. What a difference! They listened to my concerns, mentioned various options and ways of addressing the perceived difficulties, and came up with what seem to be some very practical suggestions. We bit the bullet, and today Mark came out to where we are moored at Bidford-on-Avon and did the first part of the "patterning", which involved (among other things) putting on the brackets in the pictures. The proof will be the finished product, of course. But my initial impressions have been very good, even though these brackets are all we have to show for it so far. No going back now!


  1. Looks like you've had a couple of great days. We did giggle with you and sympathise about the sunglasses and remembered similar occasions happening to us in the past.
    Just to let you know that the offer we put in on Friday night was accepted, so hopefully we will be afloat soon. We went to Great Haywood on Saturday for our 11:00 appointment and were still waiting for them at 13:15 so left disgruntled,not so much as the offer of a cup of tea! With no pun intended there were another family in the same boat.
    We have reserved a berth at Droitwich marina which is very handy for us so we are happy.
    Enjoy Stratford, Mike enjoys watching the plays but doesn't always focus on the actors!
    Best wishes,
    Mike and Alison

    1. Really glad you've got your boat. Hope it can be a boat most of the time and doesn't have to be too much of a project. Sad about the GH sales people. I think it must have changed hands since we bought Erin Mae from them. At that point they could not have been more helpful and considerate.