Thursday 20 June 2013


Last night we walked up to Stratford from our mooring. It looked pleasant in the evening light, though the sun was in the wrong place for photos.

This morning we came up again, in Erin Mae. The stream from the weir as you approach the Colin P Witter lock is strong enough to send you off course,

 but it's generally a very nice run in.

We were followed up by Chris and Sharon in NB Krystyna.

The turn up into Bancroft basin comes just after the RSC Theatre (about whose external qualities I'm still rather dubious).

There's no easy place to tie up before the lock, and the currents that flow when you lower the bottom paddles are enough to put a boater off his breakfast. Getting Erin Mae into the lock did, however, provide a lot of entertainment for a bunch of gongoozlers.

Once tied up in the basin, we got talking with several people, including Bruce and Robin from California, who have considerable experience of boating, but of nothing quite like narrowboating.

Nice to meet you, guys. Hope you have a good trip down to Newport for the wedding. We also had an extended and really helpful conversation with Gary, of NB Moonshine, about things electrical – solar panels and their conjunction with top boxes, and batteries. Thanks Gary.

All of which means we're contemplating going back down to Evesham to pick up some new batteries, if we can't persuade the marina to come and fit them at Stratford for free. We just can't wait to renew our acquaintance with that lock (see yesterday's post) and the other eight locks on the Avon waiting to bite us.

Meanwhile, tonight, we're off to the theatre…!


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