Tuesday 11 June 2013

Sights on the Severn

Nothing much on the river today – so we thought. Then we came round the corner from the first lock and found this.

Best policy is to keep well clear. After that there really was nothing on the river until we got to Upton around lunch-time, moored up and thought we might stay the night.

However, a phone call suggested it could be helpful to get to Evesham by Friday, so we decided to move on. As I reversed out from the mooring, what was coming down?

Gallantly, we allowed Conway Castle to pass, reversed out, turned and followed her down the river. Only to find that she herself had turned, completely blocking the waterway,

and was now coming straight back at us!

Cheery waves from captain, crew and passengers were returned in kind, and our journey resumed. For the most part, the Severn here is a 60 yard wide stretch of water, bounded by tree and shrub-clad banks just high enough to mean you can't see anything of the countryside. A bit like driving down a country lane with high hedges. From time to time, however, we did come across things of interest –

above the water,

in the water (if anyone knows what this furry paddling thing is, we'd love to be enlightened),

and on the water, shifting sand or some such from one place to another.

We came across a new set of potential Olympians…

and finally got to Tewkesbury and turned off up the Avon,

where this was the first encouraging sight we saw.

Being the intrepid travellers that we are, we pressed on to Avon Lock,

ably and cheerfully assisted by the Avon Lock Keeper, Bob,

who charged us the requisite amounts for a licence for the Avon, a guide to the Avon, and a night's mooring on the Avon in Tewkesbury.

So, no, nothing much on the river today.

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  1. Water vole maybe? Hope we don't encounter anything as large on the Weaver. Boats I mean not critters!