Tuesday 14 June 2016

Kinver blues

We'd planned our present trip months ago, with the intention of combining at least a nice run down the Staffs and Worcs with getting Wilsons, the manufacturer of Erin Mae's pram hood cover, to look at the material, which is showing early signs of undue wear. We'd rung them at some point and they'd said to call in as we were passing through Kinver. It was when we got to the Bratch a few days ago that the volunteer lock-keeper told us that Wilsons had gone into administration, a warning repeated by Mike in a comment on this blog a day later. Such an event would obviously render useless the 5-year warranty that they'd given.

Their boat furniture business is a separate company and, ringing them, we got through to Ralph Wilson who said he would come and see if there was anything that could be done. But when he'd seen it he said not. A problem with stitching could perhaps have been managed by the furniture people, but this was basically a fabric failure. As I write, based on something Mr Wilson Snr said, I'm awaiting a possible phone call from Mr Wilson Jnr, whose boat covers company it was that failed. I doubt if there's even a partial solution to our particular issue, but we shall see.

Meanwhile, my bout of something disagreeable is not our only recent experience of coping with ailments while boating. My best beloved has been having some dental issues and a root infection decided to flare up. Being out of shouting distance of your own dentist is discomforting when that sort of thing happens. We looked up Kinver dentists on the internet and, yesterday afternoon, on our walk to the High Street, called in to see what might be done. The result was an 8.30 appointment this morning, a very helpful consultation for just £25 including an X-ray, and an antibiotic prescription to calm things down till we travel back home in a week and a half. Very nice service!

So we're surviving these present troubles – just part of the Erin Mae experience. Rough with the smooth, and all that. If it gets really bad, I can always get the guitar out and seek a bit of 12-bar solace.


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