Saturday 25 June 2016

Traffic jam

We packed up sharpish this morning, guessing that quite a few might be moving. We were facing the wrong way, and last night another boat had nosed up very close to our bows. As I got the canopy down and lines untied, the man in other boat was doing the same. I finished just a bit before he did, so he held his boat steady while I pulled out. I don't think he realised that I was going to do a big circle in Tixall Wide and head out in front of him!

At Great Haywood junction we turned right, away from the marina, to go down to the Taft Wharf for fuel and a gas bottle. Approaching Haywood lock we found we were right about the traffic.

It naturally took quite a while to get down, but you'd have thought the queue would have sorted itself out by Colwich lock. Not so! Another wait, before we could push on to fill the tank. By the time we'd done that, changed the gas bottle and winded at the next hole it was time for a lunch-time sandwich.

The few miles home were much more straightforward, and we're finally back in the marina. I've re-connected the mains hook-up – but I'll report in a future post how the revised electrics have done during our three-week cruise.


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