Friday 24 June 2016

Leave or Remain?

At Tixall Wide, we took a stance diametrically opposite to that of the UK as a whole. We thought about leaving, but decided to remain. The bank is low enough here to make polishing Erin Mae a bit easier, so yesterday we polished her right side.

Today we turned her round and polished the left. Or attempted to. I was eating a lunch-time sandwich as I recovered from applying Meguiar's Gold Class from back to front when the rain started to lash down. Nothing to do except listen to the cricket. Hopefully, the rain will stop and stay stopped, the warmth will dry off the surface water and I'll get to polish it off.

The BBC commentators on the 50-over international against Sri Lanka started the day with all sorts of funnies based on the referendum result but now, after 35 overs, they're back to the normal comment and banter. Listening to them reminds me that, in spite of the result, some things might remain. Analyses I've seen suggest that the Leave majority was a combination of people who like listening to the cricket and hanker after some imagined past in which Britannia figures large, and those who feel disenfranchised by the "London elite" and have no personal experience of the economic recovery we're told so much about. I certainly hope that the message of marginalisation gets heard by those at the centre. A new politics dominated by compassion, thoughtfulness and two-way communication rather than sound-bytes would certainly be one of the better outcomes of last night's result.

Meanwhile, we do need to leave, even if it won't be this afternoon. We've got to fill up with diesel at the Taft Wharf before the sudden collapse in the exchange rate puts the cost up by 20p / litre.


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