Sunday 12 June 2016


Generally I don't do sick. Must be all this clean living. But in the middle of Friday night my stomach began to heave – I  think that's enough detail! By Saturday morning I felt as you do when you've been up half the night, and went back to bed. It rained most of the day so it wasn't as though we were longing to be cruising the final few miles to Kinver. From time to time I would emerge and try to do something, before deciding that I needed to be in bed again. Nothing to eat apart from a poached egg and a small piece of toast in the evening. Most of it stayed down.

I could sense another restless night coming on, so made up the bed in the dinette. At 8 o'clock I felt OK to watch the first part of the England game, but by half-time was so zonked I turned it off and went to bed, and the night was much as anticipated. Today has followed much the same pattern. I can't remember the last time I found Test Match Special too exhausting to listen to! Half an hour, and then I needed to sleep for a while.

All very odd, and I don't know what's causing it. Writing this post is going to need some more horizontal recuperation in a minute. On the bright side, we've been stuck in one place for two days under rather gloomy conditions, which is exactly was was needed to test the new electrical configurations in the wild.


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