Thursday 16 June 2016

St George and the Dragon

We tied up last night an hour or so out of Stourbridge itself, and thought we might have cruised in this morning. But (a) we slept in – all part of the recovery process, and (b) the weather forecast didn't exactly encourage an unnecessary move. And in addition (and the least of all reasons, of course!) we've got reception in this spot and the England were playing Wales at the Euros. As a result, we've had a quieter day, apart from a bout of baking and a couple of hours of nervous tension until England won the match St George beat the Dragon with a minute to spare.

So, with the rain keeping us in, I thought I'd put up a couple of pictures from yesterday of Hyde lock – the first one as you come up away from Kinver.

It's a picturesque spot, but what makes it rather special are the garden gates to the dockside cottage.


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