Thursday 23 June 2016

Not going home

While the nation went about its business and voted in this undesirable referendum, we found ourselves cruising gently back towards Great Haywood in the sunshine, having sent off our own votes long since. We passed a rather remarkable treehouse that wasn't there two years ago.

Not being in any hurry to slot into our marina berth again, we called it a day at Tixall Wide, where the view through the side-hatch is considerably more pleasing.

A Great-Crested Grebe occupied itself fishing just a few yards away

All very peaceful (except for the fish, of course).

Here we shall stay overnight, and who knows whether we shall stay tomorrow as well, even though it's only half-an-hour to the marina? There are certainly worse places to get over my annoyance that the referendum is happening at all, let alone whatever emotions are stirred up by the result when it is announced.


  1. Should we vote on whether you remain at Tixall Wide tomorrow or leave Tixall Wide tomorrow?

  2. We'll do whatever you decide, provide the votes of all registered voters arrive at Great Haywood Post Office by 1st post in the morning. We're likely to Remain, but there certainly isn't room for another influx of immigrants here!