Monday 20 June 2016

Sunshine and showers

There were two targets for today. The first was not to get too wet – boating in torrential rain is a limited pleasure. The second was to moor up somewhere with reasonable TV reception, so we could watch the footie. The weather forecast suggested the first target would not be reached if we set out too early. In fact, since we had good reception at Wightwick, we were tempted to stay put and avoid the rain altogether. But it seemed to cheer up about 11.30 so we decided to move.

The first bit was fine – and then the rain returned with a vengeance. We quickly shut the hatch to protect the kitchen area and steamed ahead regardless. After a while, and a thorough soaking, the rain stopped. We followed the charity boat NB Ernest Thomas II up through three locks, and by the time they came to wind at Aldersley Junction, the sun was shining again.

In need of re-stocking the larder, we stopped just beyond Autherley Junction, from whence it is a short walk to Morrison's at Pendeford. When we got back the sun was still shining, and an aerial test showed that all was well with the airwaves, so we've settled down for the night. Now all we need are victories for England and Wales. I have to put that last bit in since, come August, I'm expecting to become grandfather to a babe who will be half Welsh! Sunshine in large doses!


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