Monday 19 September 2016


The Shroppie Fly had a makeover two or three years ago, but it still retains its unique narrowboat bar.

Sunday night's folk session was totally different to our other experiences of it. A couple were already there to listen when we arrived. Another couple who sing together to his guitar and one other guitarist were the only regulars to turn up.

A lady who works for the pub chain, I think, and was staying in it over the weekend also contributed a couple of songs.

And that was it. No one else in the pub at all, apart from the landlord. So each of us sang or played more than usual, and we all tended to join in, no matter who started the song. I gave my accordion an airing as well as the guitar. It was an enjoyable evening, but I hope they get back to normal quickly – they normally have about 15 to 20 musicians.

Leaving Audlem this morning, we thought we'd get to Nantwich, but decided to pause at Hack Green and walk up to the "secret bunker". This is a former site to house government activity in the event of  nuclear attack, and is now a visitor attraction.

I can't think of any other "attraction" that would get away with leaving its exterior so plain and unattractive, but that's all part of the deal, I suppose. In the entrance you get a taster of what might await you inside.

They promote themselves as a thoroughly entertaining day out for the family, but at nearly £9 each for seniors' tickets (special Monday offer) this was a pleasure we felt we could forego. We had lunch at the mooring and then decided to stay. It was a sunny afternoon, a pleasant enough place and perhaps I could do some varnishing…

Nothing too strenuous, mind – I put a coat on the front and back doorsteps. While I was in full flow, Ken and Sue came by on NB Cleddau. Nice to greet you in passing, folks. I am glad that someone is a witness to the fact that I really was practising my paintbrush grip this afternoon.


  1. You had better weather than us, then. It's been raining here on the Warwick and Napton most of the day. Still is.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Hack Green bunker a few years ago.

    1. There are parts of the bunker that would be interesting – e.g. the social history and technical sides. But I find myself very ambivalent about war-related issues – I didn't really enjoy the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, in spite of its having a "pacifist" section. And as for nuclear war – I think I'm probably all for unilateral disarmament.