Sunday 25 September 2016

Not the antiques roadshow

You never know what you'll find as you travel and stop, travel and stop. In Middlewich for the weekend, we found that Fiona Bruce (the MP) was speaking at an inter-church event tonight, and we decided to go along. It was neither a political speech nor a sermon, but a talk about her life and work as a Christian in Parliament. Now I'm not a natural Tory voter, but I have to say she was very impressive in her understated way, especially when talking about cross-party activity over social justice issues.

She spoke about her four guiding "Cs" – Conscience, Constituents, Country, Conservative. And she spoke out of a verse in Psalm 84 in the Bible, focussing on the symbiosis between working hard to make the differences that you yourself can and, as a Christian, trusting God to use it, amplify it and, at times, amaze you with what actually happens.

The other Fiona Bruce is presenting AR as I write – with far better people behind the camera! But I don't think (should we turn it on) that it will give me quite as much to reflect on.


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