Wednesday 21 September 2016

Stepping into Nantwich

Nantwich has become one of our favourite stopping-off places, but we've never before had a convivial evening here with other boaters as we did with Rex and Margaret from NB Amy Em last night. That was good. Then this morning we walked down into the town to do some shopping. The buildings never fail to please, even on this rather cloudy day.

Malthouse cottage wouldn't look out of place in a country village, whereas the Savings Bank building, dating from 1846, looks solid and very Victorian urban.

We headed first for the bookshop / café where you can sit upstairs in overstuffed chairs, enjoying the coffee and reading the papers, or a book you might or might not purchase later.

They've managed to keep the floor reasonably horizontal, but I'm sure it's the only bit of the architecture that is. After coffee it was down to Morrison's by a slightly different route, with glimpses of St Mary's as we went.

We saw notices of an event in the church tonight with a well-known speaker, so we might just walk in again when we've eaten, if our legs tell us they can stand the exercise. What's that they say about 10,000 steps a day? I'm sure most steerers don't get that. But we haven't yet decided…


  1. Isn't doing locks exercise enough? Perhaps you need to go up and down Hatton a few times! (But not steering, obviously. Although just standing up is supposed to be good for you - better than sitting, anyway ...)

    1. It's true that the way we manage the locks these days often involves me clambering in and out, up and down, and doing some of the gate work. But whether it's enough, I doubt. In the event, I calculate that 4 x 20 minutes into Nantwich and back equals about 10,000 steps!