Wednesday 14 September 2016

Sunny September Shroppie

It was longer than I remembered from our overnight mooring to the place from which you can walk into Brewood. The view across the fields as you approach the village has always been impressive.

Tying up by Bridge 14,

you walk up to the Bridge Inn, which now proudly proclaims that it offers a launderette service. Our own laundry had actually been out in the front of Erin Mae, drying in the bright sunshine as we cruised. Best to put it inside while we walked into the village!

It's a pleasant, friendly place with a signpost to places near and nearer, and a range of eating places near the centre.

Not entirely sure the owners knew what they were doing when they named this establishment – it doesn't look to have any sort of military character. Apart from this, there are several pubs to suit different tastes and pockets. However, we bought a couple of excellent ham, cheese and salad granary rolls, made to order, from the baker's shop, and ate them sitting on a wooden bench conveniently provided by the council. Then it was back to Erin Mae to continue our journey to Gnosall, enjoying the other items we just happened to see in the baker's shop as we drank our coffee.

The Shroppie has been almost too hot for boating today, and there wasn't a lot of traffic. Some of it, inevitably, was encountered at awkward spots but, as here at the short aqueduct over Watling Street, it was usually clearer than in last Friday's incident who was going to arrive at the obstacle first.


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