Tuesday 13 September 2016


I was going to get on with some varnishing or painting today. But, as I was finishing my coffee and my chapter and just thinking about it while the sun blazed down, Orph Mable rang from Oxley Marine with a price for a new tachometer (rev counter). They'd charge me £10 to fit it (they are good people). But the supplier would charge £250 + VAT for the meter itself. Orph thought it ought to stay on the shelf, and I agreed.

So I happily got distracted from painting, looking for alternatives. Nigel of King's Lock Chandlers in Middlewich (my co-favourite boatyard) told me their supplier would charge about the same, and that unfortunately they wouldn't be able to fit one I sourced myself. An internet searched turned up some much cheaper varieties, with just a few comments on Amazon saying what rubbish they were. But I did find a marine supplier in Portsmouth offering what looks like the modern version of the one currently fitted, for a much more reasonable price. The bloke on the phone was very helpful in commenting about how easy or complicated it might be to fit it.

Well, if I do go down this route it looks as thought I'll be fitting it myself, which would be a cheaper and interesting experience. But I don't think I'd be attempting it while out cruising. You never know what might happen during DIY operations, but you can be pretty sure something will. So I'll think about doing it when we're finally back at Great Haywood, and that will give me the opportunity for some pleasurable procrastination over the decision as to whether I go ahead and, if so, which meter I buy.

Meanwhile, as all this was going on, the hottest September day since I don't know when was turning into a cacophony of large, very close, rather frightening thunderstorms. The washing whirligig came in from the towpath and the varnishing never got a look-in.


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