Saturday 10 September 2016


Knowing it would rain for most of the morning, we stayed put until lunch-time and had some more of my best beloved's excellent soup to warm us. When the precipitation finally ceased we got under way. I was just stowing the mooring lines when another boat came round the corner, so we had to follow them all the way to Cross Green. They were uncertain steerers and going rather slow, which was frustrating as the alternators don't produce as many electrons at tickover speeds, and there hadn't been much sun for the solar panel. Ah well, lackaday, as they say. Hardly an unfortunate couple, are we, able to spend a Saturday cruising a canal on our own boat!

So we came through the narrows to Pendeford and tied up where the Armco makes an edge, even if it's obscured with grass and nettles.

Being a suburb, I suppose, of Wolverhampton, it seems it shouldn't be too secure, but we've always found it a peaceful spot, with just a few shrieking teenage girls to offer disturbance this afternoon.

Right opposite our stern is this splendid tree.

The last time we were here I found that TV signals find it almost impenetrable. If we want to watch the box, a matter of a few yards makes a big difference. So I was careful to position Erin Mae appropriately as we drew in to the mooring. Tonight, after all, is the last night of the Proms. And then there's the Manchester derby in MOTD. And, if we're still here tomorrow, a bit of Victoria and a smidgeon of Poldark. Not that we're tele-addicts or anything. But you've got to think ahead, you see.


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