Friday 2 September 2016


A different sort of day today. We stayed parked up at Fazeley. It's very convenient but for some reason CRT don't feel the need for "48 hour only" notices. Nicholson's take on Fazeley is that the town doesn't quite live up to the attractiveness suggested by the waterfront. Hm… But since our friends David and Mary live in a house just across the cut, with a mooring for their renowned narrowboat Kew, we're not going to say anything further. Anyway, a number of boats have been arriving in preparation for the Boaters' Christian Fellowship bash this weekend.

Actually it really started last night, when eight of us patronised The Ivory Tusk for varying types of curry, and continues tonight with a get-together in St Paul's church hall.

The main event is tomorrow, and I'm running a session in the morning on one of BCF's values. So it's been back into educator mode. I prepared the session and printed off some handouts before we left home, and today I did the bulk of the work on a presentation. All good fun – but not how I normally spend a day on Erin Mae. However, since it was drizzling for a large part of the time, it was a useful way to spend it.

In addition I got out the accordion and the guitar for a bit of fun, and now we'll head out for a sociable evening. The Erin Mae adventure continues apace!


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