Tuesday 13 August 2013

5 days between pump-outs!

I can see that having kids on board, doing what kids do, could get to be expensive when you have a pump-out loo (or just very busy if you have the other sort). 5 days since the pump-out at Kings Bromley and the light comes on again. So we ended up hot-footing it back to Great Haywood instead of spending a final night out on the cut. Probably no bad thing since the weather was not brilliant for outside activities.

Sam: Grandpa's head is better. We played Christmas with our teddies and made presents for them.   For dinner we had chicken fingers and we eated potatoes and broccoli and for pudding we had melon with sugar which was really nice. :)

Elissa: It was a quiet day, so it's not so much to write today. Me and Sam played Christmas with our teddies.

Well, my head didn't leak last night, though the evidence of yesterday's encounter with the hatch was plain for all we met today to see. Notable moments today were doing a lock single-handed, because my best beloved didn't realise we'd arrived until we were in it, and passing another blogging boat (Moore2life) on the run in to Great Haywood, though we didn't see anyone on board so didn't stop to say Hi. We did stop to give the kids a run at the Wolseley Bridge wildlife centre, but it wasn't quite so much fun with loads of other people and children's groups around.


  1. We saw you just near the bridge by the Wolseley centre as we set off on our journey home today...so missed you again. Didn't hoot as you were looking as if you had enough on your plate! We'll be back in two weeks or so.maybe catch up later.

    1. Saw this morning that The Great Escape was in and that unmistakable car was missing. Ships in the night!