Saturday 10 August 2013

Hospital ship

One last visit to the play area at Branston water park before we set off this morning. One last swing. One last climb up the tower. One last "Grandpa, see what I can do!", as he jumps down to the ground, just as he has a hundred times before. Oops, poor Sam. One foot that hurts rather badly. So it's poor Grandpa who carries him back to Erin Mae. After that it's hopalong Sam, with the help of an aluminium pole, whenever we tie up and he wants to play off the boat. Didn't stop him returning to the play area when we'd gone down a couple more locks, winded at Horninglow Basin and come back to the same spot for the night. Mostly the swings – climbing was limited to going up the slide on his knees.

Sam: Today we go to the play area and having fun playing there, but when we have to go then I want to show Grandpa something and he says "Yes" and then I going to jump from the metal frame to the ground. But then I jumped and I didn't do what I meant to do. And then I jumped and hit my foot on the ground and hurt my foot. And then we runned home with me on Grandpa's back. And then I have to sit on the chair with my foot on the other chair. And now we're sitting here writing the blog.     :(

Elissa: We went to the play area and Sam hurt his foot. In the end of the day I found three cats, and lucely they lived on the boat in front of us. I made a toy for them out of string and paper, but they was more intrested in the string than the paper... One of the cats found a shrew and I had it in my hand before the cat killed it. :-(

So now we're on the return journey – but Elissa and Sam are looking forward to seeing again the places we stopped on the way through.

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  1. Oh dear, poor Sam! We hope your foot is better today so that you can play again. Luckily it's a boating holiday, not a walking holiday. If it helps, we ordered graffiti wallpaper for your room yesterday. Elissa: The gerbils are doing fine. They're living downstairs so that they get enough company (and food..). They escaped again (trying to find a midnight snack??), and Mummy had to catch them alone in the middle of the night, which took a long time. Daddy was at work. she had to use a fish net (fiskehÄv) in the end. Emmy and Nellie were scared half to death and fell asleep straight away after coming home. But they're happier today...
    Glad you're both having fun; looking forward to you coming home :)
    Love, Mummy and Daddy