Friday 30 August 2013


It was a quiet fortnight until yesterday, with myself down in the depths of the college database, developing hard, and my best beloved doing what best beloveds do when left to their own devices. And then – yesterday. What a day! Goodies!

You may (but probably won't) remember that on the first day of our adventure with Sam and Elissa (the grand Norwegian kids), I'd left my MacBook out in the rain and it died the death. When I took it to Apple's Genius bar last Monday week, to see if anything could be done, they refrained from giggling and asked if it was insured. I hadn't thought of that – less talented in those areas than in databases. So the next day I enquired, and it was. They'd pick it up and see if it could be repaired, which they did, and it couldn't. At which point they offered to replace it. Not bad for a six-year old MacBook. I'd done my research, knew the model I'd like and was allowed to pay the difference. We ordered it, were told about 7 – 10 days, and it arrived in 24 hours (yesterday). One new MacBook Air – very exciting!

Meanwhile, my best beloved had been finding the exercise known as "winding-the-lock-gate-paddles" extremely beneficial but, at times, almost beyond the bounds of her physical strength, given the condition of some of them. She been eyeing enviously people she encountered who owned a LockMaster ratchet windlass. We gulped a bit when we found what it was going to cost, but then – what price true love? Not to mention easing the winding. We ordered it and, with Mel Errington's efficiency, it was with us in no time at all, arriving yesterday! Very exciting! Rather heavy, but that'll make up for the loss of winding exercise.

And then, when we were at home late afternoon, our friends Jon and Michelle returned Erin Mae's keys, reported they'd had a jolly good time, and presented us with a nice card, a bottle of something interesting and a little box of calories to be worked off with the LockMaster.

So yesterday was quite some day! A day of goodies. And everything arriving in time to be taken to Erin Mae when we resume our cruising next week. My best beloved's teddies, looking on in the background, just can't believe they're going to be abandoned again.


  1. Why don't you apply your manly muscles to the problem by taking a turn on the locks and letting your dearly beloved try the easy job of taking the boat through the lock? Instead of just buying her a beefier windlass!!! Shame on you!

    1. Ha-Ha!!

      It was as we descended the Audlem flight for the first time last year that my best beloved decided the stress of winding paddles was as nothing compared to the stress of taking Erin Mae into the locks! Up to that moment I had indeed done them all.

      Anyway, I have a theory about lock gates. I think they're a bit like the school gates…

  2. I agree. Mike loves to stand and chew the fat!