Wednesday 14 August 2013

Just one spoonful

Elissa: We went to Cannock Chase Visitor Centre and went to the play area there. After that we went 4 kilometres and I was tired before we started! Then we bought an ice-cream. Then we went home and ate supper. We also watched a funny video called Dunstan Checks In. We had melon for pudding but I only got one spoonful of sugar. :-(

Sam: This is something we forgot to write before. It was a canal boat standing behind us called "Sam"! And today we have goed to a place called Cannock Chase Visitor Centre. We go to a play area there and it was really good fun. Grandpa called me a monkey. And then we goed two and a half miles in a circle. First we was in the play area, then we goed on the road and followed some posts and we see lots of things on the journey. And then we come back and buy an ice-cream. And then we went home and see a funny video. And now we're sitting here writing the blog! :)

Well, that about sums up the day. Having got back to Great Haywood a day early we decided to go out in the car and have a picnic to make the most of the weather while it lasted – it really clouded over this afternoon.


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