Wednesday 7 August 2013

Device conflict

It's not the TV controller – it's who has the iPad! Now my MacBook appears to have died a death – and all because of 30 minutes in the rain – blog posts have to be done on the iPad. And my news catchup, sports catchup, boating blogs catchup, emails and anything else catchup. All on the iPad. Trouble is – it's my best beloved's iPad. As is the only smartphone in the household. So I can't just pick it up when I feel like it. It's grovel, grovel, would you mind if I alleviated my withdrawal symptoms? Oh, you're playing Angry Birds, Patience, doing FaceBook? Oh well, I'll come back later. If that's OK. It's a bit like the information blackout that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. As Melanie sang more years ago than I care to remember – "You don't know what you've got till it's gone."

Just as well we've got Elissa and Sam with us to keep my mind off my troubles. Not much head space for anything else at all with those two around. We must have exhausted them yesterday – they've been doing an inordinate amount of reading today. But we also found the time to come on through Rugeley and go shopping for a whole lot of nice things to eat. Sam and I have this ongoing dialogue about whether our meal in the middle of the day is lunch (which is what Sam thinks it ought to be), or dinner (which is what I sometimes call it). For Sam, dinner is absolutely, always and without exception what you have in the evening. But on Erin Mae it seems that what you call a meal is as flexible as the time at which you eat it.

Sam: We went to the play area and I found two friends. They were a bit younger than me. I started on my library book, and when I have reading enough I go to the play area, and when I come back, Elissa was reading my book.

Elissa: We got a bug-hunting set from Gam with a little pot for having them in, a microscope that looks like a pencil, a paper with some types of bugs and butterflies, some stickers with bugs and spiders and some sisuirs that don't cut things but catches things. I have already found two things , a little bug and a spider. Later on Gam made us jelly.


  1. Loving the guest blogs, well done Sam and Elissa :-)

    1. Thanks, J & D. I'll happily pass on the comment.