Monday 5 August 2013

Norwegians and the rain

Up at 6 and off to Manchester airport to meet the early SAS flight. Elissa and Sam came through fine -– first time they've made such a journey with just the airline staff to look after them. Back to Great Haywood in the rain. After settling in it was lunch-time.

Sam's blog entry: We went to Burglar King and we eat cheese burglars and sword chips!

Elissa's blog entry: we went to Shugborough because Gam wanted some flour,
and played the big barata. Grandpa was quite a lazy barata (he didn't hide well enough and he didn't catch us properly). ;-)

Unfortunately, with all the business of bringing in the luggage in the rain, I left my MacBook sitting outside. It's now stood next to the hot water tank in an attempt to get it working again, and this post has been written on my best beloved's iPad. Oh the joys...! But we did also call in at the farm shop on the way back to Erin Mae this afternoon, and Elissa and Sam picked some strawberries for tea. Yummy!

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  1. Ha Ha! I hope the burglars didn't mind being eaten ;)