Sunday 11 August 2013

Go faster

Today – another first. A fisherman told me to go faster! I thought I was being helpful by not chewing up his turf. He apparently thought I was taking too long to get past it! Win some, lose some. Going faster would have been the preference for both Sam and Elissa as well.

Elissa: Today was quite a quiet day. Me and Sam was just inside drawing while Gam and Grandpa was outside steering the boat.πŸ˜’ We was suppose to go to the shop but we didn't because of Sam's foot. It was a bit boring just sitting there and draw, so I decided to go and help Gam doing the lock, and I opened a gate all by my self with Gam on the other side!😌  When we got to the place we was ment to moor up, we got lunch. After that we got some chocolate buttons. Me and Sam was trying to have a walk, but Sam got so tired of hopping around so I sayd that he should try to walk and first he really didn't want to, but I wanted, so he did!🚢    Now he is walking around like every one else.πŸ˜„ We also found some friends on the boat beside us, and played with Them. So it was a nice day after all. πŸ‘«

Sam: Today I and Elissa go for an expedition and Elissa take from me my walking stick for my foot. And then I stand on it and I try to go and it worked! And now I can walk🚢 on my foot. It hurts a little bit but it's OK. I'm glad I can walk on my foot.πŸ˜„

Hopefully, with Sam's foot seemingly on the mend, we can all go a bit faster tomorrow!

PS: Sorry about the font (assuming it appears as Comic Sans once the post is posted). The kids did their blog entries in the notes app on the iPad and I haven't a clue how to change it.


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