Tuesday 6 August 2013

Norwegians in the sun

Took an age to get sorted for cruising, but we were finally under way about mid-day, with the sun finally putting his hat on.

Sam's blog entry: we went to the shops and on the way we played some games. We went back to the boat and went on an adventure. We came to two locks. The first was OK but the  second had lots of boats in a queue. Then we went to the woods. There was a big swing there, which could have three in it.

Elissa's blog entry: we went to the wood at Wolseley Bridge and played the big grandpasaurus an this time he was quite good at being scary and that was fun. Grandpa also give us a push in the swing. The last ten minutes me and Sam was aloud to do what we wanted to, and that was fun. When it was most fun grandpa comed an sayd that we was going back to the boat.

The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust conservation and river repair area at Bridge 70 is awesome – a great wildlife area set up really well for visitors, especially children. We made good use of it today, and hope to do so again on the return journey in a few days' time. Meanwhile we're ready for bed about two hours earlier than usual!


  1. Hi everyone! great to know Elissa and Sam are enjoying themselves. Any pics? Chris

    1. Sorry, Chris. No pics. MacBook malfunction equals inability to transfer pics from camera to blog. Grampasaurus malfunction equals singular lack of pics in the first place.