Friday 16 August 2013


Special Air Services – but in this case the service provided by Scandivavian Airlines (SAS) for supervising unaccompanied children flying back to Oslo. Our end at Manchester was fine, if a bit short on the touchy-feely stuff. At the Oslo end we understand that the supervising adult thought Elissa and Sam were in transit and had to be sent on to some other destination. But all's well that ends well, and the children are back home practising (according to their mother) not being quite as well-behaved as they have been for the last fortnight.

So, Elissa and Sam, Erin Mae will miss you and is glad to have two other children on board for the next few days while your grandparents go home to recover enjoy the New Forest for a little while. Keep singing the Erin Mae song!

Sam and Elissa came to stay
On Erin Mae, Erin Mae.
Sam and Elissa came to stay
On the good ship Erin Mae.

Oh what a time that was
On Erin Mae, Erin Mae
Oh what a time we had that day
On the good ship Erin Mae!


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