Thursday 15 August 2013


For the last few days there's been a whine/squeal/whistle coming from Erin Mae's engine. Sounded suspiciously like the water pump on my old Vauxhall Viva just before it packed up. So at 10 this morning we were round at the Anglo Welsh yard which happens to be an Isuzu centre, and whose manager, Keith, I know to be a really competent engineer. The noise was certainly coming from the water pump area, but Keith said he'd never heard one on an Isuzu engine sounding like this. However, he had heard something like it from the alternator belts. So his side-kick Kev changed the belts and, voilá, the noise was cured. They charged me just £11 all in which, given what it could have been, was something of a result.

Meanwhile, as Kev worked, we tried to make coffee. That was when we realised that the water tank was empty. Them there kids again, I think, emptying the water tank even faster than they filled the poo tank!

No shortage of water from the skies today, so we called on our experience from last year and went up to the play barn in Stone. Great (and popular) decision!

Elissa: When I woken up, Sam was already awake and wery awake too. That wasn't good beacuse that ment he will disturb me, and he did so. He throwed his monkey at me and things like that. After lunch we went to Come Into Play, that's like an big inside play-area. It's bad that we are going home tomorrow, but I also miss mommy and daddy and my gerbils. I also miss Theo (my brother), but he will not come home in a few days.

Sam: no post today – took too long eating Grandpa's chicken fingers, and we've an early start tomorrow with their flight leaving Manchester airport at 10.20.

Hm...better get to bed.


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