Monday 3 August 2015


From the Grassington bus last Tuesday we'd caught a view of Aireville Park – a big recreational area in Skipton. It struck us as a pleasant place to spend an afternoon when the grandchildren are with us next week. So today we went to have a look.

This section of the canal has lots of swing bridges, and the second one back from the junction leads across to the park.

It has large expanses of well-kept grass, some play areas, a conservation wildflower meadow, some paths in the woods, and a nearby swimming pool and fitness centre.

It also has an ice-cream van on the way in, staffed today by Aleš, from the Czech Republic, on a summer holiday job. It's already looking good for a splendid afternoon with the kids!

Less expected was a chat with Val, from Thirsk, who's been spending the day geocaching. She was having her lunch at the point where she'd located a tiny cache about the size of a pen top. She's the first person we've talked with who's an active geocacher, and it was interesting to see how it worked for her. She had a Garmin GPS device, similar to mine but the next model up, I think.

So that was today's expedition, all half a mile of it. It was in some contrast to what we did after lunch – a visit to the launderette. An opportunity to get a bit further through my book, which is proving quite hard work. Tonight we hope to pay our farewell visit to the Skipton Folk Club – I've been reminding my fingers of one or two of the songs I might get to play tonight. They've been reminding me that I don't get my guitar out quite as often as I might.


  1. Didn't know we share a passion for Geocaching, Martin. What's your handle? Mine is simply stevecarter.

  2. When we got the Garmin, I discovered geocaching, thought it might be interesting, and especially something to do with the grandchildren while they're over. But I've never followed up on it, or got as far as registering, etc.