Friday 28 August 2015

Happy days

Nº 3 son and wife have come for a couple of days. They've been married just over a year.

We put them to work, of course.

My best beloved is a great believer in facilitating the learning of others,

by giving them plenty of opportunity to practice.

There was a certain amount of time for relaxation (and food) along the way, as we came from Skipton to Gargrave.

Today we went for a walk out of Gargrave, starting southwards,

with wonderful views, even on this somewhat cloudy day, across to the Dales National Park.

We circled round to the Bank Newton flight, as we have on two other occasions this summer,

 and found a nice spot for lunch.

The sky didn't know whether to give us drops of rain or rays of sun,

but this pair didn't seem to notice.



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