Thursday 20 August 2015

Lost lead

When I first started this blog, I thought of it mostly as a chance to do some creative writing in the context of reflecting on what happened in our new adventure with Erin Mae. Then one of my sons suggested that it would benefit from having photos, and since then I've tried to include them whenever possible.

For yesterday's post about finally getting the grandchildren back off to Oslo, I set up a photo with the three of them all pointing at my best beloved holding the passports – the missing ingredient on the first, abortive attempt. But when I got back to Erin Mae from the airport, I couldn't find the lead to connect camera to computer. In the end, to my disappointment, I had to write the post without the picture. The lead has still not turned up, and I'm wondering if it dropped into one of the children's bags and is now the other side of the North Sea.

It's funny what it takes to upset your equilibrium. I did a lot of clearing up and cleaning in the boat today, but nothing much else has happened. I went down the weed hatch for the first time for over a week, but there wasn't even anything to clear down there. So I thought about not posting anything this evening. Then it occurred to me that the effect on my mood of losing a lead is (a) quite ridiculous, (b) worth noting, if only for myself for future reference, and (c) jolly well not going to stop me doing my blog!

So here it is, for what it's worth. I'm now going to make some nice food of the sort we haven't been eating while the children were here. That will make me feel better. Sorry there's no picture!


  1. You could always plug the SD card into the computer directly and get the images without needing the lead.

    1. Ah yes – should have thought of that, especially since you showed me last week!