Thursday 6 August 2015


It was a day for the boots to come out. First time for mine this season. Not so for my best beloved's.

However, the last time she wore them was on our walk last week from Malham to Gargave when they got saturated with liquid manure. No amount of scrubbing removed the pong, so finally, on our run down to Silsden yesterday, they followed my trainers into the washing machine. They dried overnight and got a special Nikwax treatment this morning. How sweet they now smell!

After getting up late this morning we found it was sufficiently damp and miserable to provide an ideal excuse for staying in and following England's amazing performance in the cricket. But the far more cheerful afternoon persuaded us to walk up out of Silsden onto the moor. It was quite a climb…

but well worth it once we got up there.

We stopped for some coffee

and eventually began to make our way downhill towards Farnhill and Kildwick.

The sun had come out beautifully…

and lit up some of the rock formations standing over the valley.

Eventually we found our way down to the aqueduct at Kildwick,

and were able to walk back to Erin Mae along the towpath. About six and a half miles in all, so we feel well exercised.

And the cricket was still going just as well when we got back.


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